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WORKPACKAGE 2 : Maritime Simulators

LED BY THE CPMR WITH THE SUPPORT OF ENSM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime)

This work package includes a diversity of activities addressed to the development of training with maritime simulators based on the experience of relevant European training institutes. It will mainly focus to:

  • extend the use of simulators within the curriculum of seafarers and their management, to compare methods to use simulators in order to define a best practice and to define instructors’ skills to use simulators.
  • improve uniformity in training with simulators at EU level, through the development of a cooperative network of training institutions   
  • make the most benefit of best practice, training infrastructures and equipments available in this field  


To summarise, this Work Package will produce added value via: 

  • the inventory of maritime European simulators facilities and the drawing of a map with a location of different kind of simulators and different kind of training associated

  • The participation of cadets from the inviting academies to participate in experimental pilot training sessions that will be organized in 2 different maritime basins (Atlantic Channel and Baltic).

  • Recommendations to improve the use (pooling) of European maritime simulators (training, assessment, instructors’ skills).


This work package will be supported by a Core Group composed of bodies having expressed their desire to support its activities:

They may be joined by other members from participating MET institutions and other actors in the workshops that will be organised throughout the project.



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13 & 14 February 2014
Official launching of the Vasco Da Gama project. Kick off meeting in Brussels


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