Vasco Da Gama International Summer School: Sustainable Transport and Maritime Safety


The first Vasco da Gama Summer School was held on 24 to 29 August 2015. It was organised jointly by the CPMR and Kalmar Maritime Academy (Linnaeus University).

Participants from the Atlantic, Baltic, Black Sea and North Sea, benefited from briefings and discussion time with high-level speakers on the issues of maritime safety and security, integration of the human element and cultural influences in these areas, and greening of maritime transport. A series of case studies and exercises helped to give an operational dimension to this training course.

The lessons learned from this first edition will help to develop the content of future Vasco da Gama Summer Schools.



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Consult the Leaflet of the Summer School

  • PowerPoint presentation by Mr Patrick Anvroin, CPMR 

  • PowerPoint presentation by Mr Hans Liwång, Maritime Security  

  • PowerPoint presentation by Mr Mikael Lindmark, Seko Seafarers Bransch 
  • PowerPoint presentation by Mrs  Yael Tågerud and by Mr Mats Hammander, Kalmar Maritime Academy, Linnaeus University  

  • PowerPoint presentation by Mr Rickard Lindström, Clean Shipping Index 




Learn and exchanges about Maritime Safety and Security and Greening Maritime Transport


  • Introduction to Maritime Safety and security
  • Major accidents at sea
  • Case Study, an accident at sea
  • Exercise Human Element in theory and practice
  • Introduction to Greening Maritime Transport
  • Introduction to International and European legislative framework
  • Environment & Shipping
  • Attitudes and Leadership in Sustainable shipping
  • Industry and Governance in Sustainable Shipping
  • Sustainable Shipping Alternatives
  • Human Element in Perspective – How can it be applied to sustainability in shipping?
Teaching method

Lectures, workshops


Continuous assessment


Captain Pär Karlsson



More information can be obtained by contacting:

Mr Par Karlsson: par.karlsson@lnu.se

Ms Anne Lezin: anne.lezin@crpm.org - Tel + 33 2 99 35 40 50