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4-5 November 2014 - Conference of the MONALISA 2.0 project

The MONALISA 2.0 project organises its  Mid-term Conference in Barcelona (Spain) on 4-5 November 2014. 

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30 October 2014 - Interview of Pär Karlsson, Professor at the Kalmar Maritime Academy of Linnaeus University

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2 & 3 October 2014 - Meetings of VDG Core Groups and Advisory Board

The VDG Core Groups (Training for Maritime Safety / Greening Maritime Transport ; Training & maritime simulators  Maritime Erasmus) as well as the Advisory Board met on 2 and 3 October in Brussels.



Vasco Da Gama praised by the EU Council!

In its conclusions on Integrated Maritime Policy on 24th June, the General Affairs Council “welcomes initiatives such as the “Vasco da Gama” project aiming at the further promotion of seafarers’ professions” (see point 10 of the conclusions).

This is the result of our common commitment on this project, just starting but already very promising!

It clearly encourages us to progress under this project, but also to already envisage the next steps.

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18-19 June 2014 - Le Havre - Meeting of the Work Package 2 "Training for Maritime Simulators"

 The WP2 met and organised the first  experimental sessions dedicaded to Bridge and Engine simulation in Le Havre with the participation of Captain instructors from METs.

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Questionnaire on Maritime Training in Europe

(to be returned by mid-July 2014 to anne.lezin@crpm.org

In the framework of VDG project, The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (www.crpm.org) has prepared a Questionnaire on Maritime Training in Europe. It aims to establish a qualitative diagnosis of maritime training within the European Union.

We invite the actors (Regions, professionals, maritime training institutions...) whose experiences, views and proposals are essential to the success of this initiative, to answer all the questions that fall within the scope of your responsibilities and expertise. You are not obliged to reply if you feel that certain questions do not concern you. Some questions are open and allow you to give additional details to supplement your answers to closed questions.