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Working Documents


Meeting of Core Group WP4 (2 October 2014, Brussels)

> Meeting report

> Agenda

> PowerPoint presentation by Mr Giuseppe Sciacca (CPMR)

Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) constitutes the agreement of a group of different entities to prepare multi-level transnational mobility in maritime education and training.

It is currently under signatureby the Members of the project. Any actors that adhere to the priorities of the project and plan to carry out in the near future actions which fall within the objectives of the VDG initiative are also invited to sign the MoU.

> Memorandum of Understanding

> Memorandum of Understanding

Meeting of Core Group WP4 (26 March 2014 afternoon, Brussels)

> Agenda

> Minutes of the meeting

> General presentation of the Vasco da Gama project and of the CPMR, by the Coordinator

> Presentation of the second meeting of WP4, Patrick ANVROIN, Coordinator of VDG

Meeting of Core Group WP4 (12 February 2014)

> Presentation from Patrick ANVROIN, Coordinator of VDG

> Presentation from Bremen Hochschule (module)


Questionnaire on Maritime Training in Europe

(to be returned to anne.lezin@crpm.org

In the framework of VDG project, The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (www.crpm.org) has prepared a Questionnaire on Maritime Training in Europe. It aims to establish a qualitative diagnosis of maritime training within the European Union.

We invite the actors (Regions, professionals, maritime training institutions...) whose experiences, views and proposals are essential to the success of this initiative, to answer all the questions that fall within the scope of your responsibilities and expertise. You are not obliged to reply if you feel that certain questions do not concern you. Some questions are open and allow you to give additional details to supplement your answers to closed questions.